Video & audio editing

Save yourself valuable time and outsource the editing of visual and audio material at an affordable price!

Video Editing


It's been known for a while, video is THE way to boost your sales. Of course, the big companies of this world did this before the Internet age in the form of TV commercials. Something that was prohibitively expensive for the small business owner.

But thanks to the Internet and especially the rise of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, video marketing is now accessible to the smaller business owner. 

I can edit your videos professionally for a reasonable price, so they can be used directly on your website or social media channels.

Not only promotional videos, but also, for example, instructional videos for your online training courses. 

Podcast Editing

podcast editing

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to connect and stay connected with their target audience through a podcast. For certain entrepreneurs, there are many benefits.


  • free advertising
  • increasing your online visibility
  • closer ties with (potential) customers
  • and building a so-called expert status.

The group of people, who would rather listen to a podcast, than read a blog is growing steadily. You can listen to a podcast anytime and anywhere, such as in the car during an annoying traffic jam. And, of course, the same goes for creating a podcast.

As a busy entrepreneur, you don't always have time to write a blog, whereas you can record a podcast anytime and anywhere, using your smartphone if necessary. Editing is another story. It is time-consuming, or you simply have the software and know-how to do it. In that case, you can call on me. I'll edit your podcast for a very interesting price, so you can put it online within 36 hours

Some Of The Podcasts I Edit(ed)

Eelco de Boer Podcast
Eelco de Boer Podcast
Richard Koch podcast
Richard Koch Podcast
MasterMoves podcast
Master Moves Podcast

Benefits of outsourcing:

Here are the benefits of letting me edit your podcast:

  • Affordable quality
  • More time to focus on content 
  • No investment in the necessary software
  • No knowledge required, just record and send
  • Always online within 36 hours

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